About Us

RotaLab is a supplier of analytical instruments and general laboratory equipments needed by scientists and industrial organizations for their research, development and production applications. Our products are mainly related to the areas of microscopy and imaging, battery and fuel cell development, electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry, photovoltaics (PV), thin-film coating, molecular spectroscopy and material characterization. We offer a comprehensive range of products from market-leading brands and we are constantly adding to this range.

RotaLab also provides application support, technical support and sample analysis services to its customers. In addition, we organize seminars, product demos and training workshops within the scope of our areas of activity.

Our Vision

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority — whether in the further development of our product portfolio, in issues relating to our strategic orientation or with a view to service and support.

Your demands, needs and wishes serve as a compass for us that we use to guide our actions as a company. As one of the leading suppliers of scientific instrumentation market in Turkey, we ensure that you are one of the first to benefit from new technologies.