Gas chromatography (GC) is a commonly used technique for compositional gas analysis. GC measurements generally take place in the laboratory and analysis times of 10 minutes to one hour is normal. However, in a process environment much faster analyses are required for the purpose of control of the subsequent processes. Analysis times of 30 seconds to a few minutes are required for process analysis.

Micro-gas chromatography (µGC) is the preferred technology for such rapid gas analyses. The advantages of µGC systems are, besides speed, the reduction in size of the instrument and their detection limits. µGC technology uses narrow to medium bore capillary and micro packed columns that allow for compact gas analysis. These columns in combination with an appropriate detector results in faster analysis and lower detection limits. It is an improvement compared to conventional GC techniques. Theoretically, the reduction of the characteristic diameter, being the inside of the column diameter for open tubular columns and the particle size for packed columns, is the best approach to increase the separation speed in gas chromatography.

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