Rotalab supplies open cycle flow cryostats that use liquid helium or liquid nitrogen (LN2) as the cooling source.

Our cryostats have modular designs that allow interchangeable vacuum enclosures for multiple applications and compatibility with a wide range of closed cycle coolers. In addition to high modularity, our systems allow rapid sample changes. All systems are fully assembled and tested prior to shipment and detailed performance test data is supplied.

Rotalab can work with the researcher to arrive at the best cryocooler solution for the researchers particular requirements and interface needs.

Rotalab supply complete systems with application specific and/or custom vacuum enclosures, radiation shields, sample holders, windows, temperature sensors, heaters, extra experimental wire leads and feed-throughs (UHV, SMA, coax & other), temperature controllers, vacuum pump systems, sample manipulation attachments, low vibration CCR interfaces and many other additional options.

Models available:

   · UHV Closed and Open Cycle Cryocoolers
   · Open Cycle Cryostats - Liquid Helium or Liquid Nitrogen
   · Custom Large Cryostats