Rotalab’s crystal growing systems provide the two most important parameters necessary for critical growth: stability and control. Both are necessary to achieve consistency, repeatability and uniformity – the keys to successful crystal growth in the laboratory and in production.

Stability provides the crystal grower with a known and constant environment for demanding crystal growth. Stability assures uniform, tightly defined temperatures and thermal gradients for consistent melts and zone refining. Stability requires well-controlled gaseous or vacuum environments.

Control is achieved through the computer system interface which holds temperatures precisely where they are set and initiates changes quickly and smoothly to new values with minimal overshoot.

A partial list of capabilities of our crystal growth furnaces includes:

Kyropoulos: Sapphire, titanium doped sapphire
Czochralski Technique: Barium sodium niobate, bismuth germanium oxide, calcium molybdate, lithium fluoride, lithium germanium oxide, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, magnesium fluoride, potassium chloride, strontium barium niobate, Nd:YAG, sapphire and silicon
Bridgman Technique: Calcium fluoride, cadmium telluride, gallium arsenide, magnesium fluoride, silver gallium selenide, silver gallium sulfide
Top-Seeded Solution Growth: Beta barium borate, lithium borate, potassium titanium phosphide

  • VTF-1600X

  • RC-Ni300

  • OTF-1200X-50-DSL

  • Hi-Pressure Hydro-Thermal Reactor

  • EQ-SKJ-50CZ