Rotalab provides several compact furnaces to be used as dental sintering furnace for both porcelain and zirconia dental materials. Compact, bench-top and large dental sintering furnaces with programmable controllers are available.

Our products are widely used in denture processing industry, scientific research institutes, as well as high temperature sintering of powder metallurgy industry, annealing and zirconia sintering.

  • KSL-1100X-S-UL

  • KSL-1500X-S-UL

  • KSL-1700X-KA-S-UL

  • KSL-1700X-KA-UL

  • KSL-1800X-KA-UL

  • OTF-1200X-DT

  • KSL-1700X-KA2-UL

  • GSL-1700X-HV Series-UL