Rotalab provides a wide range of high pressure furnaces for laboratories and industrial facilities. Some of our high pressure furnaces include:

   · Compact High Pressure Gas Tube Furnace
   · High Pressure Oxygen Tube Furnace
   · High Pressure Tube Furnace with Optional Alloy Tube
   · Three Heating Zone High Pressure and High Vacuum Tube Furnace with Super-Alloy Tube
   · Dual Heating Zone High Pressure Vertical Tube Furnace with Super-Alloy Tube
   · Vacuum Heated Pressing Furnace

  • OTF-1200X-HP-30A-UL

  • OTF-1200X-HP-55-UL

  • OTF-1200X-HPV

  • OTF-1200X80-HPV-III

  • OTF-1200X80-HPV-III-GF

  • RC-Ni300

  • Hi-Pressure Hydro-Thermal Reactor

  • OTF-1200X-II-HPV

  • YLJ-HP6

  • YLJ-VHP5-4

  • OTF-1500X-VHP4

  • OTF-1200X-VHP4