Many experiments and procedures taken in the lab require extreme heat environments. For this purpose, the high temperature muffle furnace is a necessary part of laboratory. Rotalab provides muffle furnaces at an affordable cost including vacuum box furnace, crucible furnace, dental furnace, hydrogen furnace, vertical furnace, and etc.

The size of our muffle furnaces varies. Small laboratory furnaces can be conveniently placed on a workbench whereas larger units provide higher capacities.

Muffle Furnaces Heated by Electric Resistance Wire
  • KSL-1100X-S-UL

  • KSL-1200X-J-UL

  • KSL-1200X

  • VBF-1200X

  • KSL-1200X-M-UL

  • KSL-1200X-L-UL

  • KSL-1200X-L5-UL

  • VBF-1200X-H8-UL

  • KSL-1200X-H2

  • KSL-1200X-AC-5S

Muffle Furnaces Heated by SiC Heating Elements
  • KSL-1500X-S-UL

  • KSL-1400X-BL

Muffle Furnaces Heated by MoSiO2 Heating Elements
  • KSL-1700X-S

  • KSL-1700X-S-220-UL

  • KSL-1700X-A1-UL

  • KSL-1700X-A2-UL

  • KSL-1700X-A3

  • VTF-1600X

  • KSL-1700X-H2

  • KSL-1700X-H3

  • KSL-1700X-H4

  • KSL-1700X-A4-DC

  • KSL-1700X-GS

Muffle Furnaces with Kanthal Super-HT Heating Elements
  • KSL-1700X-KA-S-UL

  • KSL-1700X-KA-UL

  • KSL-1700X-KA2-UL

  • KSL-1700X-KA3-UL

Muffle Furnaces with Kanthal Super-1900 and Mo Heating Elements
  • KSL-1800X-KA-S

  • KSL-1800X-KA-S-UL

  • KSL-1800X-KA-UL