The design of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) furnaces combines the multiple process capability with the needs of a maximum capacity for full production system and high flexibility small scale versions for use in research and pilot production.

Rotalab's PECVD furnaces and other laboratory furnaces are outstanding for high efficiency, minimised footprint and low cost of ownership while offering high process flexibility.

  • GSL-1100X-PECVD

  • OTF-1200X-4CLV-PE-UL

  • OTF-1200X-4CV-PE-SL-UL

  • OTF-1200X-50-II-PE-MSL-UL

  • OTF-1200X-50S-PE-SL

  • OTF-1500X-80-III-4CV-PE-SL

  • GSL1100X-PJF-A