Microplate dispenser enables automated precise dispensing of liquid and reagents into a variety of microplates and vials. Microplate dispensers may be single channel or multi-channel. Applications include high throughput screening, drug research and development, cell biology and disease research, pharmacokinetic studies and genomics, although the speed, volume range and other features may vary slightly between applications; the automation of liquid dispensing can save valuable time while providing precise results and eliminating human error.

Whether using microplate dispenser or reagent dispenser for cell based assays or dispensing reagents, accuracy, repeatability and minimal reagent waste should be considered. Microplate dispensers and reagent dispensers often employ a peristaltic pump and are microprocessor controlled. A variety of programs with different dispensing ranges are often preprogrammed and additional customization of volume ranges may be programmed. Microplate dispensers may also be called nano dispensers because most are used for volumes such as microliters or nanoliters. Some microplate dispensers may integrate with automated microplate handling equipment.

Rotalab provides a wide range of microplate dispensers for your research and applications in the laboratory.